Solvent Reclamation Units

The SVM range are especially suitable for recycling solvent contaminated with ink, paint and resins from around 10 litres per hour up to 2000 litres per hour. For smaller capacity requirements the RG range of distillation are also available. The RG or SVM machines can operate in-line with washing systems or as a ‘stand-alone’ installation.

Above: SVM 75 capable of processing around 75 litres of solvent per hour, 24 hours per day.

The SVM Solvent Recovery System are stand-alone units, each equipped with a ‘password’ protected state-of-the-art PLC control panel. A finely machined cylindrical heating chamber is kept clean by a self-adjusting scraper blade. Distillation residues are automatically discharged into drums. The whole process is carried out under vacuum to minimise energy consumption and more reliable operation. Very little maintenance is required.

SVM Units

SVM 25 (left) and EPR 25 (right) both capable of treating 25 to 50 litres per hour.

The SVM 75 (above) handles 75- 100 litres per hour.

Two SVM 150 units that can 100-150 litres per hour

The SVM 1000 treats 1000 litres per hour

The SVM is a self-contained compact, automatic solvent distillation system consisting of:

  • Finely machined distillation chamber
  • Internal rotating, spring-loaded scrapers with non-sparking bronze tips
  • Highly efficient water-cooled condenser
  • A choice of integrated electric heaters (SVM 25, 50) or steam/oil heating
  • Sturdy steel frame with access steps and platform
  • PLC control panel

RG Units

Left: a small capacity RG 50 units with vacuum. The RG 50 can be skip-mounted making it mobile.

The RG series are small capacity batch units with disposable liners, for example the RG50 will process up to 20 litres of waste solvent per hour.




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