Pyrolysis Ovens

This type of oven is used for applications in various industries.

Pyrolysis is the thermal decomposition of organic materials in a low-oxygen environment. AR Industries supply an extensive range of modern PLC controlled Pyrolysis Ovens.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Jig Stripping
  • Stripping paint hooks
  • Cleaning paint booth grids
  • Recycling Steel Rejects such as radiators, wheels
  • Removal of rubber from steel parts
  • Cleaning moulds, extrusion dies, screws, nozzles, extruders, hot runners, breaker plates

What is a Pyrolysis Oven?

In the process of traditional burning-out of materials, the binding agents (e.g. varnish, resin, paint and plastic) will combust (due to the high oxygen content), so that the heating of the materials will not be equal. This unequal heating (hot spots) may cause damage to materials (internal cracks), leading to loss of quality. This tended to be a problem with ‘burn-off’ ovens. A Pyrolysis Oven can be said to be the improved version of a standard “burnout” oven. The degree of control is much better as the parts are heated up in a more controlled way. Pyrolysis Ovens are capable of decomposing larger amounts of binding agents in comparison with the traditional burnout ovens, since no combustion can take place in a low-oxygen environment, allowing the temperature control to remain optimal.

The entire process can be programmed to take place in steps.



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