AR Industries Equipment Range

Our range of equipment includes spray washing, brush washing, and ultrasonic cleaning systems. These can be used with solvents or water-based chemicals. We also offer an extensive range of equipment to recycle contaminated solvents or water-based washing solutions.

Our range of thermal cleaning systems include Fluidbed CleaningPyrolysis Ovens and the new FluidStripper.

Though we do have a standard range of equipment, we specialise in developing concepts and solutions, tailored to your specific needs.

For the Print Industry

Our range of equipment includes automatic washing, brush and ultrasonic cleaning systems for cleaning:

  • Ink trays, pumps, ducts
  • Vessels such as small containers, buckets, barrels
  • For gravure print cylinders, anilox rollers and doctor blades, for example


For the Coatings Manufacturing Industry

For example for paint and ink manufacturers we offer spray, brush and ultrasonic systems for cleaning:

  • Drums, barrels
  • Large mixing vessels
  • Inside and/or outside cleaning

For the Metal Finishing & Plastics Industry

We offer thermal cleaning technologies: Fluidbed CleaningPyrolysis Ovens and the FluidStripper. Typical applications include:

  • Cleaning paint jigs and hooks
  • Cleaning paint grids and rejects
  • Removal of plastic from extrusion equipment
  • Cleaning aluminium parts.

Solvent Reclamation

We offer Solvent Reclamation Units for waste solvents contaminated with paint, ink and other resins. We also can supply treatment systems for waste water soiled with ink or paint. These can be operated as a ‘stand-a-alone’ machine or in-line with our washing, brush washing and ultrasonic cleaning units. The range starts from 10l/hr up to 2000l/hr.


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