Paint Stripping Service for Cleaning Paint Jigs, Hooks & Grids

Also for removing plastic, lacquer and rubber from metal parts

Trays before and after cleaning

Impressive results are delivered in just an hour

The Solution to ALL Your Cleaning Problems

We have invested in the Best Available Technology which provides a fast, cost-saving and environmentally friendly method of removing organic contaminants from steel parts.

We are set up for stripping organic coatings and contaminations from steel parts in facilities in the UK and other parts of the world. We also offer on-site cleaning services. Use our technical expertise and benefit from the advantages without capital investment.

Parts are usually turned around in about one hour. Further more there is none of the distortion sometimes associated with pyrolysis or burn-off ovens and as no dangerous chemicals are used, problems with chemical residues leaching from the parts are completely eliminated.

Before After

Rubber, paint or plastic; large or small components? We can remove them all from components large and small

We can also provide an on-site or off-site complete management and maintenance paint tooling program. Fast, efficient, high quality professional paint stripping service for steel parts

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, service and reliability.


We use a number of advanced, environmentally paint stripping technologies depending on the application. Primarily we use thermal cleaning processes. These give excellent cleaning results whilst still complying with the highest environmental regulations. Parts can be turned around in 30 minutes and there is no inherent risk of distortion as with traditional ovens. Prices are highly competitive.

Nozzles before Fluidized Bed Clean Nozzle After Fluidized Bed Cleaning

Effective and fast removal of organic coatings such as paint leaves components as good as new

Safe, clean, fast and environmentally friendly: words that are not normally associated with this type of cleaning!


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