High Speed Paint Stripping

This is a new patented technology that removes paint from ANY type of metal and Non-Ferro part with a typical cleaning cycle of just 5 minutes.

The FluidStripper removes the paint thoroughly and very quickly.

How it Works

The parts to be cleaned are placed in a loading basket and immersed in the cleaning vessel filled with an alcohol-based FluidStripper liquid. The temperature inside the vessel does not exceed 270°C, so there is no problem cleaning temperature-sensitive parts such as aluminium and other non-Ferro parts coated with paint.

The FluidStripper removes the paint thoroughly and very quickly – a typical cleaning cycle is just 5 minutes. It is environmentally friendly and does not contain any hazardous ingredients.

The parts are completely clean and degreased; no additional after-treatment is required. The parts can be repainted immediately.Once saturated with paint, the FluidStripper liquid can be recovered by distillation.

The Results

Lightening fixtures show after 5 mnutes in the FluidStripper

Aluminium Wheel, result shown 7 minutes cleaning in the FluidStripper

Licence plate clean after just 2 minutes in the FluidStripper

Key Advantages

  • Extremely fast (typical cleaning cycle of 5 minutes)
  • High capacity; suitable for serial cleaning of a great number of parts
  • Cleaning temperature below 270°C: no deformation of parts, no loss of physical properties
  • Environmentally friendly process
  • Suitable for cleaning all types of metal and non-Ferro parts (including Aluminium, Zinc, Copper)
  • Suitable for stripping of all types of paint
  • Low operating and disposal costs

Interested? We would be happy to perform tests for you!


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