Fluidbed Cleaning

The Fluidbed Cleaning system from AR Industries provides a fast, cost-saving and environmentally friendly method of removing practically all organic contaminants such as paint, plastic and rubber from steel parts.

A Typical Fluidbed Cleaning system. Internal size 1.8 x 1 x 0.8m.

Fluidbed Cleaning is well known as the Best Available Technology for stripping paint, plastic and other organic coatings and contaminations from steel parts.

Many household names use this technology including Nissan, Ford, Toyota, Bosch, Creda, to name but a few.

Paint booth grids cleaned in 35 minutes without distortion. Breaker plate before and after Fluidbed cleaning

Typical Applications Include:

  • Jig stripping
  • Stripping paint hooks
  • Cleaning paint booth grids
  • Recycling steel reject parts
  • Removal of rubber from steel parts
  • Cleaning moulds, extrusion dies, screws, nozzles, extruders, hot runners, breaker plates
  • Removing mould sand from castings and heat treatment

In fact we believe we can remove any organic coating from virtually any steel part.

How it Works

The main part of the Fluidbed Cleaning System is an insulated reactor containing sand particles. The sand is brought to a bubbling, ‘fluidised’ state by injecting air from the bottom. The reactor is directly heated using a ‘flame-shield’ at the bed surface in order to achieve temperatures around 450°C.

Sand is heated by a flame on the bed surface.
Parts to be cleaned do not come directly into contact with flames.

Though not turbulent enough to be abrasive, the sand gently rubs the surface leaving the metal completely paint-free and undamaged. The fluidised sand ensures that the parts are subjected to an even temperature profile to avoid distortion.

The paint is thermally degraded within the sand bed and the toxic gases are then oxidised at the bed surface using the ‘flameshield’. Inorganic particles are abraded by the sand particles and, blown out of the sand bed and captured in a filter system. Safe, clean, fast and environmentally friendly: words that are not normally associated with this type of cleaning!

The Results

Before and after images of hooks cleaning by fluidbed technology.

Cleaning reject parts.

Key Advantages

  • Steel parts can be cleaned without thermal damage
  • Fast turnaround time — can be just 30 minutes cleaning time
  • High Capacity: Up to 750kg of steel parts can be cleaned in 35 minutes.
  • High quality cleaning — no chemicals, no ash
  • Low running costs
  • The most environmentally friendly paint stripping technology as used by world class businesses such as Nissan, Renault, Ford, General Motors, Bosch, Samsonite, for example
  • Reliable technology for a consistent service
  • Safe operation. No acids or other stripping chemicals leaching out from cleaned parts
  • Versatile: powder, two pack, water-based paints, plastics, rubber, grease all can be removed

Above left, middle: Fluidbed cleaning system and right, a double monorail hoist

Closed Fluidbed system (left) and showing the Fluidbed system open (right)





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