Automatic Washing Systems

Our range of products includes a large variety of washing machines for different applications. Typical applications includes washing print trays.

The type of washing unit required will largely depend on the type and quantity of the parts to be washed, the type and degree of contamination. Here are some examples of industrial washing systems we can offer.

SPD Automatic Washing Unit – Larger Applications

High capacity front or end-loading washing machines with washing from all four sides. These are usually connected to an in-line SVM solvent reclamation unit.

SPD linked to SVM.
Front Loader SPD with parts recently cleaned.
SPD washing of drums.
SPD 1500E.

SPC Parts Washing Unit

Top-loading washing machine.

These can operate with the RG solvent reclamation unit.

SPV Vessel Washing System

For vessels from 5 to 5,000 litres capacity.

Above and left: SPV Vessel Washing System with parts being loaded.

Left automatic drum washing and on the right, a brush washer

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