Fluidized Bed Cleaning

AR Industries offer Fluidized Bed Equipment For Paint Stripping, Plastics Stripping, Burn Off Ovens, Pyrolysis Ovens, Solvent Distillation Units, Industrial Washing Equipment, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Environmentally Friendly Chemical Cleaning. We Provide A Cleaning Service For Removing Paint, Plastic & Other Organic Contaminants From Metal Parts.

For each application we can offer a variety of different solutions. For example, for jig stripping, cleaning paint grids or gratings and paint aids such as paint hooks, paint hangers, we can offer fluidised bed or fluidbed cleaning installations, pyrolysis ovens, burn-off ovens, ultrasonic cleaning and washing systems. Fluidised bed cleaning and pyrolysis ovens can also be used for removing rubber or plastic from steel parts e.g. cleaning injection tooling. Stripping heat-sensitive parts such aluminium is also no problem.

Use our technical expertise and benefit from the advantages without capital investment. We have set up a paint and plastic stripping service in the UK and other parts of the world. On-site cleaning services can also be provided.

We are also a well established supplier of solvent recovery or solvent distillation equipment and waste water treatment units, for example for the print and paint markets.

The Results

Pictures above show Paint and plastics stripping.

Parts quickly and efficiently cleaning by Fluidbed cleaning equipment from AR Industries.

The Equipment

AR Industries have solutions for most cleaning, treatment or reclaiming problems.

Above left: a SVM machine ideal for recycling solvent contaminated with ink, paint and resins and above right a Fluidbed Cleaning system equipped with automated parts handling for fast, environmentally friendly cleaning.

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